Honda Hybrids

honda hybrid battery being serviced

Honda battery pack

GREAT NEWS!  We are now able to install NEW battery packs in Honda hybrid vehicles.  These batteries carry a three year warranty that is honored by NAPA Autocare centers nationwide!  Call our Service Advisors today or schedule an appointment online.

All Honda hybrids use basically the same battery design, and, unfortunately, it’s not a good one.  First, the cells appear to be an inferior product to those employed by Toyota, GM and Ford.  The cells are Nickel-metal Hydride (NIMH) D cells the same size and shape as the D cells you use in a flashlight.  Six of these are welded together to form a “stick” and 20 or 22 sticks, depending on the year are installed in a suitcase-like “pack” that is installed behind the rear seat along with the control modules for the hybrid drive.  HEAT is the deadly enemy of hybrid batteries.  To dissipate the large amounts fo heat generated by the battery and the control modules, Honda installed a fan that pulls air out of the battery-control chamber and exhausts it outside of the car.  So the plan was for air to be “pulled” across the sticks in the pack.  A close look at the pack shows that it contains a dense assembly of sticks, supporting tubes, stick wrappers, etc. that severely impede the airflow over the sticks themselves.  The result is that, by the time we see them, the sticks have been heat-damaged to the point that they can’t be reliably conditioned.  How pervasive is the problem?  A consumer organization found that in 2009, Honda replaced 30% of the packs in their customers’ cars due to battery failure.  That same year Toyota replaced .3% of the batteries in their owners vehicles.

Our initial efforts at conditioning Honda batteries using our science-based techniques almost always failed, with drivers returning with battery degradation issues.  We stood behind every job we did, but it was a painful, expensive lesson to learn.

Our solution for Hondas today is to replace the pack with one filled with NEW higher capacity sticks.  These packs are guaranteed for three years and that guarantee will be honored by a nearby NAPA Autocare Center – nationwide.