We value our customers and we hope they value us too! This is what some of our customers have to say about us:

★★★★★ – Bringing my son’s 1st vehicle to First Landing was an excellent experience from the moment I stepped in the door and was met by Lisa, until the time I received my vehicle back after an extensive evaluation and Hybrid reconditioning by Dave. All of the diagnostics and repair procedures were explained completely and understandably, and the work was performed on time and exactly as was estimated. My desire was to deliver to my son an automobile in as close to new condition as possible, and the entire staff at First Landing did a fantastic job of making that a reality. I would without pause recommend First landing for any and all automotive maintenance, diagnostic, or repair services for any type of vehicle, but especially if you own a Hybrid vehicle, don’t be taken advantage of by the dealers or those ill equipped and trained, take your vehicle to First Landing. Great to find a repair facility where integrity and excellence in their craft is the foundation of their excellent customer service (Jeff R.)

★★★★★ – Best service I have received so far and wonderful customer service! They did a health check on my Honda Civic Hybrid and they were able to pinpoint the problem and did not cost me anything. It is hard nowadays to find good honest service anymore and they have proved that they can be trusted. They saved me money and look forward on using their service if I ever need it again. Keep up the great work First Landing Auto Care!! (Jose A.)

★★★★★ – Though I went for a state inspection and to research the possibility of needing my hybrid battery reconditioned, neither were performed…..BUT only because Mark – who has earned my deepest respect as a professional and as a human – was brutally honest with me about the condition of my vehicle and advised that attempted repairs would most likely be money thrown away since once of the problems….the more severe….was one he was still trying to figure out how to repair on his own vehicle but had been, to date, unsuccessful. He said he would not perform work that he could not guarantee to resolve my car’s issues and would not do it just to do it for the money. He said that, if he was a relative of mine with some impact on a decision I would make, he would advise me to not invest money in the many required repairs, but to possibly look for something else. That meant a great deal to me. Rather than spend a few thousand dollars on repairs and then still have to get another vehicle, he was saving me the time, frustration and cost of those uncertain repairs so I could invest all of it in a different vehicle. He insisted that, if I chose to get something else, he wanted to do a complete check over of it. I spoke with his office the next day after spending hours looking at hundreds of vehicles both on-line and on lots, and told Lisa I’d found one I am considering. The dealer is holding it for me and I will be taking it in for a check over in the next few days. Mark Anderton and his entire staff display a quality of business ethic, customer service and honesty that is most often just the stuff of stories of days gone by. They are wonderful. They have my business and I have their business cards to refer others to them. (Diana G.)