Our Mission

First Landing Autocare…

is now the exclusive provider of services that restore the gas mileage and performance that made you buy a hybrid vehicle. Hybrids are great! Whether you drive a Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Honda Civic or any of the growing number of brands, they are jewels of forward-thinking technology, and if you look around, you see more and more of them on the road. The key to their impressive gas mileage is the battery (called the traction battery) that stores energy, allowing the car to run on electrical power. These batteries are sort of technological miracles themselves, but they all have a common trait – over time their ability to store energy degrades.

Battery Cells from a Toyota Prius
When the battery can’t store energy, the gas engine has to run more and your gas mileage figures start to decrease. If the condition of the battery gets bad enough, the check engine light comes on, sometime accompanied by red hybrid warning lights. The natural reaction is to go to the dealer, where they offer to install a new battery, with a price tag in the neighborhood of $5000!

Check Engine Light
What the dealer won’t tell you,

probably because they don’t know, is that your battery can be serviced to return it to 95% or better of its original performance. Not just anyone can perform this service. We have invested heavily in specialized equipment and training that enable us to provide a list of hybrid services that is unique in Hampton Roads. Others may tell you they can service hybrid batteries, but we ask you to give us an opportunity to show you the technology and expertise we apply to this process.

You bought your hybrid for reasons that are very important to you. The dealer wants to sell you a new car. We can help you extend the life of your car and maintain the fuel efficiency that you expect.

Our Credentials

Our lead hybrid technician is certified by the prestigious Society of Automotive Engineers in electric/hybrid vehicle technoilogy.  All of our hybrid technicians attended training conducted by one of the foremost experts in hybrid vehicle propulsion systems. They learned that hybrid batteries are very robust and can be restored to nearly new condition using the appropriate equipment. We have that equipment and we have the know-how to rejuvenate your hybrid’s heart.