• The Hybrid Shop

    The Hybrid Shop of Hampton Roads is a member of a national franchise that specializes in Hybrid vehicle repair and maintenance. We are proud to be the exclusive providers of these specialized services in the Tidewater area. What makes us unique is our science-based battery conditioning technology. For more information on the full array of hybrid services we provide, CLICK HERE.

  • Prius hybrid battery testing

    Battery Conditioning

    Our exclusive Battery Conditioning Service is only available here at The Hybrid Shop. We can restore your battery to over 95% of its original condition, no matter its current state. Some shops will offer to replace your battery with an aftermarket unit of unknown quality. We can provide before-and-after performance specs to show you how your battery was performing and how it has improved with proper science-based conditioning.

  • We’re The Best of The Beach!

    The Hybrid Shop is part of First Landing Auto Care, which has swept the Pilot’s Best of The Beach Awards every year for the past three EIGHT years. For 2017, we took gold in all two Service Center Categories. We’re devoted to satisfying our customers, and being voted Best of the Beach proved that. Thanks to all who voted for us!

  • Six Month Interest-deferred Financing

    We know it can be tough to budget big repair bills on your car, particularly if they are a surprise! Through our affiliation with NAPA Autocare, we are able to offer interest-free financing if paid in full in six months. The NAPA EasyPay card is not a credit card – it’s a financial TOOL to help you manage your auto repair and maintenance budget. The online application process is quick and easy, so take care of those repairs that have been worrying you with the NAPA EasyPay card.

Your local hybrid vehicle experts

We Can Fix Your Hybrid!

We can service all hybrid models, including:

  • Toyota Hybrid
  • Nissan Hybrid
  • Lexus Hybrid
  • GM Hybrid
  • Smart EV
  • Mitsubishi Hybrid
  • Volkswagen Hybrid
  • Tesla Hybrid
  • Audi Hybrid
  • Porsche Hybrid
  • BMW Hybrid
  • Mercedes Hybrid
  • Ford Hybrid

Who We Are

We're the Andertons; the same local family that has been providing reliable auto service at First Landing Autocare for the past decade. In 2013 we joined forces with The Hybrid Shop, a national franchise that provides specialized training and equipment that enables us to provide unique repair and maintenance services for all makes and models of hybrid vehicles.

Hybrid Services

  • Predictive Analysis
  • Battery conditioning
  • Prius battery replacement
  • Honda battery replacement
  • Thermal battery performance analysis
  • Hybrid drive diagnostics
  • Transmission (motor/generator) testing
  • Inverter/dc to dc converter testing and repair
  • High voltage cabling inspection and repair
  • Hybrid-unique maintenance services